The Berufliche Hochschule Hamburg (BHH) offers the course PREPARE NEWCOMERS for refugees

What is it all about?

The Berufliche Hochschule Hamburg (BHH) would like to make a contribution to the integration of refugees. The PREPARE NEWCOMERS course is free of charge and intends to help participants achieve the language requirements for academic studies in Germany. In addition, the participants will be prepared to start a course of studies or an apprenticeship or both at the BHH.

The offer is aimed at young adults who took refuge in Germany and who hold an entrance qualification for a German university, preferably with basic command of German. Spread over half a year, the course starts in August 2022 and offers 16 lessons per week on four afternoons. Around 20 places are available.

Would you like to apply?

Simply send a short email with your contact details in English or German with the subject
PREPARE NEWCOMERS to: Application deadline: July 30, 2022.
Contact person is Anke Rauthmann.

We look forward to hear from you and to provide you with further information!

Next steps

Our language teachers will inform you about all further procedures, e.g. necessary documents and requirements.

We want to create a follow-up perspective even after the six-month course: Ideally you are interested in a combination of vocational training and studies – the likes we offer at the BHH in cooperation with vocational schools and companies.

We plan to bring the participants into contact with interested training companies and offer a network of cooperating companies. How about, for example, an internship at an IT company? With the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce we are planning an accompanying competence check.

What exactly is the BHH?

The BHH is a public university. Our students are also trainees and receive the best of three worlds: practical skills in the training company, broad knowledge of the relevant professional field in the vocational school and academic skills at the university.

At the BHH you can get two qualifications in just four years: an apprenticeship certificate and a Bachelor’s degree. The work-load is based on a regular five-day-week and the students receive a training allowance from the beginning. Within 18 months our students are given the opportunity to review the decision on their further educational path based on their experience and backed by coaching.

For questions regarding PREPARE NEWCOMERS, please contact: Anke Rauthmann,